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tv   Nightline  ABC  March 18, 2016 12:37am-1:08am EDT

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this is "nightline." >> tonight, why this video of hulk hogan rided a wrecking ball, doing his measures immedication, was played in a court of law today. the sensational case of the wrestler versus gawker. will he win his $100 million lawsuit against the website for posting his sex tape? plus welcome to mariah's world. why the diva has just announced she's inviting cameras on her upcoming tour. what makes her show different from celebrity reality shows of years past. and stiletto self-defense. the woman who teaches stars like kerri russell and amanda sayfried hand to heel combat. a rad
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good evening. just when you thought the courtroom spectacle that is the hulk hogan trial couldn't get any more bizarre it did. the former pro wrestler is suing the website gawker for posting a sex tape of
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today in open court the consequence fired back by playing a clip of hogan swinging on a wrecking ball in a thong. here's abc's linzie janis. >> you eventually had sexual relations with mr. bollea? >> yes. >> reporter: it's the case with huge implications for celebrity privacy. >> do you recall the number of the encounters that you had with him? >> to the best of my knowledge, i can think a few times that i remember. >> reporter: private moments splashed all over the web, then all over the media. >> there's a tape of you [ bleep ]ing heather -- >> first off, i never made a tape. >> you swear you were not in on this? >> i swear to god i wasn't. >> reporter: as ever more revealing and personal details spill out of the hulk hogan trial, now in its ninth day -- >> were any of your sexual encounters with other men recorded during the times you were married to bubba? >> yes. >> reporter: a growing sense of
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really mean. >> it's completely humiliated. >> upset. >> it's actually quite sickening. >> reporter: terry bollea is suing the gossip site for posting a portion of the 2007 tape of him having sex with heather clem, then wife of his former best friend bubba the love sponge clem. >> "heather wants to have sex with you." it started out like that. >> reporter: hogan seeking $100 million for the alleged invasion of privacy saying he didn't know he was being filmed. >> made a conscious decision to expose terry bollea naked and engaged in sex and having private conversations in a private bedroom. >> reporter: gawker arguing that publishing a portion of that sex tape is protected by the first amendment. and as journalists they can cover the private matters of public figures. this case is really about a news organization's ability to join a national conversation on a topic
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and this particular case, hulk hogan spent years talking in graphic detail about his sex life. >> reporter: and today arguing that hogan seems willing to shed his clothes and his dignity when it suits him, showing the jury this ad for his web hosting business hostamania. a parody of mylie cyrus' "wrecking pal." . >> did you find doing that ad empairsing? >> it was kind of embarrassing. but i had only three people in the room with me when i sat on the wrecking ball with the tea bag on. >> did it work? >> yes. >> how do you know it worked? >> we have over 3 million views. >> reporter: hogan's attorneys pointing out gawker founder nick denton says he doesn't really believe in privacy. but also doesn't always want transparency in his own
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ago? >> i did. >> reporter: and his guests thought they'd be able to tweet and post at his wedding they found out otherwise. >> you had a policy, this was told to all guests before your wedding, not to have cell phones? >> we asked them, yes. we didn't sue people who broke the rules. >> reporter: the beginnings of the sex tape ordeal started when hogan was in the midst of shooting a reality show "hogan knows best." he says he and his thenwife linda drift ad part but he had a friend who always had his back. >> he was holding my father as my father passed away. so there was never any question of who he was or what he meant to me. >> reporter: his name? bubba clem, the shock jock in florida who suggests an unusual method to make him forget his troubles. offering up his own wife heather. >> do you recall what your answer was? >> i said i would. >> reporter: hogan said he initially
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>> i knew they had an open marriage because he talked about it on the radio. i thought with me it was so many times they talked about it, it turned into a joke. >> reporter: but at his lowest point he says he called his friend clem. >> i said, she's filing for divorce. i called bubba, crying on the phone, broke down. bubba said, come over to the house, let's talk. i was so desperate i went over there. one thing led to another. i let my guard down. i felt, these people cared about me. >> reporter: moments after hogan arrived he says clem's wife grabbed his hand and led him up the stairs to the bedroom. >> from the feeling i had, baba, you're not filming this, are you? he lashed into me. what the hell is wrong with you? i'm your f'ing best friend, how dare you say that to me. >> reporter: five years later, a tape of that night is posted by gawker. hogan says he didn't even believe his friend clem was in on this either until later that day. a bombshell. >> when they confirmed that
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went up, turned the camera off, and bubba told heather that, this is for our retirement, heather, i started violently shaking. >> reporter: in a video deposition heather maintains neither she nor hogan had any idea the encounter was being recorded. >> to the best of your knowledge, mr. bollea had no idea there was a camera in the room at the time of your sexual e encounter, is that correct? >> yes. >> reporter: he settled a lawsuit with clem who apologized for stating hogan knew he was being taped. hogan has refused to settle this one with gawker. >> today was a very good day. very good. >> reporter: and for nine days the battle has raged in court with both sides scoring points. sometimes at their own expense. gawker's former editor in chief a.j. delario seemed to contradict parts of gawker's defense, that the tape was news worthy and their decision to publish covered by the first amendment. >> the fact that mr. bollea was taped having sex with his bt
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hook for your piece, was it? >> no, not necessarily. >> you put it in the public because you believed it was true and it was interesting, right? >> yes. >> and it didn't really matter whether or not it was a more bid and sensational prying and people's lives were at stake, that didn't matter to you, did it? >> no. >> reporter: the judge asking denton to respond to this final question from the jury. >> if the video was gratuitous would you still believe that it's covered under the first amendment? >> no, i wouldn't. >> nick saying that anything gratuitous isn't covered the by the first amendment, i think everyone understands our position. actually sounded like they were on our team. >> reporter: hogan getting caught in some alleged discrepancies too. >> heather wants to have sex with you, or heather wants to see the size of your [ bleep ]. it started out like that. then heather just started walking to this bedroom, pulling my hand. i walked with her. >> reporter: does heather's deposition contradict that?
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bollea, i want to get with you, i want to do this and that and other stuff, i want to have sex with you? >> not that i recall. >> will the alleged inconsistencies be enough to make a jury doubt him? >> if these jurors don't like and trust hulk hogan, that could have a big impact on the potential damages here. >> reporter: but if he wins, it will likely set a precedent. >> if hulk hogan wins it will certainly have a chilling effect on publishers who want to publish even a small snippet of a sex tape. >> reporter: hogan's team hoping to rein in a new media frontier. >> the internet is this wild west territory as it concerns media. there don't appear to be the same rules to some people. and they have to understand, they are bound by the same ethics and they are bound by the same rules and they're pound by the same laws. >> reporter: closing arguments are expected to begin friday morning. for "nightline," i'm linzie janis in st. petersburg, fl
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if you're as faum miscellaneous as mariah carey, why on earth do you need a reality show? that's what many people in the entertainment world are wondering on the heels of the diva's announcement she's letting cameras into her world. here's my "nightline" coanchor juju chang.
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>> reporter: mariah carey has never shied away from the cameras. ♪ you can have me when you want me ♪ >> reporter: whether taking it all hoff in "honey" -- ♪ >> reporter: or taking a bath on mtv "cribs." she's happy front and center. she's a superstar, after all. and now she's taking her exhibitionism to a whole new level in her own upcoming e! show "mariah's world." it follows the star on her sweet, sweet fantasy tour. and as she plans her wedding to australian billionaire james packer. mariah telling the "new york times," "i thought it would be a good opportunity to show my personality and who i am. a lot of people have misperceptions. >> what it is, it's a great promotional vehicle. it can make you relevant, it can put you in the media, it can support your music and other
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things. basically it's brand building. >> reporter: reality shows used to be a way for regular folks to become famous. think snooki on "jersey shore." or bethenny frankel. a real housewife turned business mogul. ♪ touch my body >> reporter: for a woman who's been in the spotlight since she was 20, a solo artist with the most number one hits of all-time like "touch my body." ♪ touch my body >> reporter: and who more or less owns christmas. ♪ all i want for christmas >> reporter: could endlessly chasing fame be a new reality show, do more harm than good? while the reality genre has been good to stars like jessica simpson -- >> is this chicken or fish? >> reporter: and brett michaels of poison -- >> do you want to stay in this house and rock my world? >> yes. >> reporter: no one can forget the damage it did to whitney houston. >> kiss my ass! >> that's what i need. >> reporter: who was caught on bravo cameras on "being
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brown" in confrontations with her husband. >> what's wrong with you? >> what's wrong with me? >> come on, bobby, shut up! >> reporter: in strange situations. >> i don't need -- >> reporter: the show badly tarnished the singer's squeaky clean image and had the public worried. then there was paula abdul's "hey, paula." the star's odd behavior on her reality show at the height of "american idol's" popularity -- >> hi. >> reporter: led some viewers to question whether she had a substance abuse problem. allegations she addressed on "nightline" in 2009. >> i've never been addicted to any prescription drugs, i've never been drunk, i have worked my whole life. i sacrificed being a normal girl and not having the ability to have proper relationships, not being able to be
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mom. i am fortunate and feel completely blessed. but i'm not the girl that's in those tapes. >> reporter: the backlash making her question the decision to ever do a reality show. >> i am exhausted. >> i honestly think it was the biggest mistake. >> reporter: but "mariah's world" is not designed to be a warts and all production. >> mariah is one of the producers and she said she has veto powers over what is and isn't included. only a star as big as mariah can insist that i have veto power. >> reporter: she's already made it clear that some things are off limits. like her 4-year-old twins with ex-husband nick cannon. when my colleague michael strahan visited mariah backstage at her las vegas show last year, she talked about the important of shielding them from the glare of celebrity. >> they're human beings and they have to be treated as such. it's not just like, they're babies, they don't know what's going on.
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they're going to feel any kind of tension. >> this would be my living room. >> reporter: but she has let cameras into her private life before. first apartment ever.ter: she also allowed e! to follow her for their "uncut" series. >> don't make the show so early. >> i don't know that people want to see this much of mariah, but they're going to. >> i don't feel kate middleton. >> reporter: heather mcdonald was chelsea handler's sidekick on "chelsea lately." and fancies herself something of a reality show expert. >> i'm obsessed with reality shows. if there was a graduate program at usc that i could get a master's degree in reality show, like write a paper on it, i think i absolutely could. >> hi, sexy! >> don't i seem professional? >> reporter: friends with kris jenner she's had a cameo on the mother of all reality shows "keep ing up with the kardashians."
12:58 am
not buying -- >> at the end of the episode it'ses are like, well, you know. kris jenner will be like, you know. in the end i knew that even though my girls fight, they're always going to be sisters. you know, there's always a little bit of a button to like their fighting. >> like "full house" kind of. >> a little, "kardashians" and "full house" have a lot in common. >> reporter: she has high hopes for mariah's show. >> she can be her fabulous self. we can see her trotting along shopping. counting her diamonds. ♪ happy birthday >> reporter: what fans want are the candid moments, the unguarded star. at work -- ♪ will you're trying to play like you're so grown ♪ >> reporter: and at play. >> she's not willing to lit her hair down and show people what she's really like and give them a peek inside her life, it's not going to work. if it's not dramatic, it's not going to be good tv. if you make
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and not enough drama, it's not going to achieve its ultimate goal which is getting viewers. >> reporter: and getting viewers means staying relevant. we'll see if she can do both when "mariah's world" debuts later this year. for "nightline" i'm juju chang in new york. why the woman who's trained stars like kerri russell and amanda sayfried says the secret to self-defense may be as close as your heels. its intelligent drive is paradigm-shifting. its technology-filled cabin...jaw-dropping. its performance...breathtaking. its self-parking...and the all-new glc. mercedes-benz resets the bar for the luxury suv.
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self-defense and it involves stiletto heels. not only does she kick serious butt, she does it sporting sky-high stilettos. the self-defense guru has trained celebrities such as kerri russell and amanda seyfried. >> i've been taking self-defense with abby for four months. and it's pretty much changed my life. >> reporter: group classes focus on teaching all types of women how to protect themselves. using all types of footwear. a former ballerina, she switched focus to self-defense while she was just a teenager. >> unfortunately i was satisfaction basically assaulted when i was 19 by someone that i knew. and i tried to find a way to heal myself. my father actually recommended a self-defense system and it was the one thing that allowed me to feel the sense of empowerment. because i felt like i was doing something positive towards the incident. >> high heels a
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ingredient, she says. so her students are never unprepared. >> the thing is that it's self-defense. that it's not martial arts. you're caught off guard, so for a woman to live her life wearing high heels, it's a valid concern. a woman should not have to compromise her femininity and be able to defend herself regardless of what shoes she's wearing. >> reporter: shoes can become an impromptu weapon. or boost a kick. >> i telephone feel modefinitel feel more prepared. >> the fact that you living your life will always potentially put you in a vulnerable situation, every single woman can learn self-defense. take that responsibility and that initiative into her own hands to survive a situation if she was caught off guard is just so important. >> thank you for watching abc news tonight. "world news now" is coming up soon with overnight breaking news. tune into gma first thing in the morng.
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